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The software of LSRM provides the solution of the most applied problems based on the spectrometric methods of the activity measurement:
  • Gamma-spectrometric analysis using semiconductor and scintillation detectors;
  • Beta-spectrometry (for example, direct determination of strontium-90);
  • Alpha-spectrometry.
Multifunctional possibilities of the developed software enable to solve both the traditional problems of spectrometric analysis (food products and building materials certification, radiation monitoring, determination of the uranium and plutonium enrichment degree) and for the precision measurements (sources certification with a standard and reference equipment, scientific researches, complex spectra processing).

The package structure is adjustable for the routine problems, which practically don’t require the operator assistance right up to the report display of the sample measurements.

At the same time the flexible structure of configuration files allows to use the software possibilities to obtain the maximum precision for the non-standard problems under the qualified operator interactive control.

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